Tomato and Corn Pie


When the recent issue of Gourmet arrived in my mailbox, I was quite taken with their retro-inspired tomato and corn pie recipe.  This dish truly embodies the bounty of a midwestern summer. Seasonal ingredients topped with sharp Cheddar cheese, fresh herbs and a dollop of mayonnaise make this meal well worth the trouble of baking in August.

I followed the recipe exactly, so I won't post it here, but I suspect that substituting modified quantities of dried herbs would work just fine if you don't have any fresh available. The biscuit crust is quite forgiving, so this recipe is worth a try even if you have lousy luck with other pie crusts. After baking, the bottom crust came out a big soggy, so I would recommend removing some of the juice from your tomatoes before assembling. Serve with a small green salad and a cool glass of vinho verde for a great end-of-summer supper.


Things have been so busy here!  We are finally moving this weekend and I am looking forward to getting my computer back in order, catching up with my photos from Buenos Aires, introducing you to a remarkable bakery in rural Montana, telling you all about my recent Maine lobster binge in Bar Harbor, and sharing details about the excellent dinner I attended last night at Province hosted by the National Honey Board.  It has been a truly memorable summer.