Ting Pop


While I receive a number of emails concerning things that I post on Pro Bono Baker, one of the most popular topics is Ting pop.  I initially posted about my love of this pop when I reported on my yearly family vacation to Waupaca, WI last year.

In an effort to assuage those of you who have written to me for more information on Ting, and for others who might be curious, I offer you all the knowledge I have.


When my family is in Waupaca we always take a short bike ride, or an even shorter car ride, to the Weller Store in Rural.  From Waupaca head southwest on CR-QQ which becomes Old WI-22.  22 jogs west in Rural and becomes Rural Rd.  This should send you past the Weller Store which sits next to the Crystal River in Rural.


A very sweet older man runs the Weller Store. (There he is above serving my father ice cream.)  Here you can find water-logged pulp novels for 10 cents, Ting pop for a quarter, ice cream cones for the same price (50 cents for some premium flavors; I am fond of the maple nut), inner-tube rentals, and fascinating conversation about local lore, river water levels, and how the community has changed over the years.

As far as I know, there is no way to contact the Weller Store.  I cannot locate a local listing for it and I do not recall having ever noticed a phone in the establishment.


While at the Weller Store recently, I learned that Ting is bottled by the New London Bottling Co. in New London, WI.  They can be reached at (920) 982-2337.  It sounds as if they will continue to bottle until they run out of bottles.  Therefore, when you purchase a pop at places like the Weller Store you will kindly be asked to consume it around town and to return the bottle. Please do.  It will be a sad day when I head to Rural and am unable to enjoy a Ting while watching the Crystal River canoe trips float by in the summer sun. Therefore, those of you looking to have Ting shipped or to take it home with you are out of luck.  Please cooperate.

Ting can also reportedly be found at Cheesie Bob's Bleu Cheese House in Waupaca proper. Follow the link for a map or contact the Bleu Cheese House at (715) 258-0900.


Thanks to Mark for another Ting pop location, also in Waupaca:

Cas Liquor Store
226 W Fulton St
Waupaca, WI 54981

(715) 258-3127

AND for this fantastic link!