The Best Pizza in Chicago


I love deep dish pizza, as all good Chicagoans do.  However, if you were to ask a few where to find the best you would likely receive a multitude of answers.  My favorite can be found in Hyde Park at Caffe Florian

This small business nestled in between used bookstores looks quite unremarkable at first pass.  However the oddly colored walls and bored staff will quickly melt into a blissful glow around you when you try their deep-dish pizza.

The crust is unbelievably delicious. Golden, buttery and flaky.  Order the white rather than the wheat, there is no need to pretend this is healthy.  I have sampled a handful of ingredient combinations and I keep coming back to the 'Florian Spinach'. 

While in Poland a few months ago John's mother smuggled us an entire pizza.  Needless to say we were beside ourselves with joy.


If you are from Chicago I would love to encourage you to venture south of the Loop one day to try this pizza.  If you are not from Chicago I would love to encourage you to avoid the tourist trap of Pizzeria Uno's when you visit.  Let me know what you think.  I'd also love to hear what you find to be the best Chicago-style in the city.