tart and roll

tart and roll
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Last night when I returned home from work I was in the mood to bake, but our supplies were limited. I always enjoy the occasions where I can concoct something delicious out of some random items. Last night was such an occasion.

The picture didn't turn out the best, so let me explain:
I made a tart shell out of the left over puff pastry from the onion tart, whipped some heavy cream, some milk and one egg together and added some salt and pepper.

I sauteed a small amount of onion until translucent and golden in olive oil infused with garlic, then I added some halved cherry tomatoes which I had squeezed over the sink to rid of excess liquid. Finally, I added some baby spinach leaves to the pan with some salt and pepper and mixed until wilted (about 2 min.).

I then arranged the pan mixture into the base of the tart shell and poured the egg/cream/milk mixture over the top. I sprinkled some chopped fresh basil over the top and popped it in a 380F oven for about 15 min.

I had some extra egg/cream/milk mixture and it seemed a shame to throw it out, so I mixed in about 2 tbl of sourdough starter and some unbleached all-purpose flour until it had the consistency of a bread dough. I kneaded it a few times and formed it into a ball. I then placed on the Silpat mat along side my baking tart and checked on it periodically.

The tart was excellent. The roll was mediocre. I think the ingredients were to heavy. Next time I will just make some normal dinner rolls, but I was glad not to waste the liquid ingredients.