Spend the afternoon with Charlie Trotter

I really wish I could afford this:

Charlie Trotter's: A 20th Anniversary Celebration in his Studio Kitchen

Join us for this rare opportunity to spend the afternoon with Charlie Trotter. Take in his stream of consciousness on a variety of subjects. Pick his brain for insights on topics ranging from foodstuffs to management. Chef Trotter will prepare a five-course food and wine tasting menu to delight your palate. He will demonstrate recipes from his newest cookbook, Spa Cuisine. Check out the intimate setting in his famed studio kitchen. Charlie Trotter's is considered among the top restaurants in the world and has won every major culinary award and recognition. Enjoy one of the most provocative dining experiences and help celebrate Charlie Trotter's 20th Anniversary!

Location: Charlie Trotter's, 816 W Armitage Avenue.

Instructor: Charlie Trotter

Course Fee: $150

Date: Sat, April 14

Time: 2-3:30 pm

If any of my lovely readers attend, I would love to hear about the experience.
I blew all the money I had saved taking Nick to Charlie Trotter's for his birthday dinner.  It was far and away the most exciting meal I have ever had.  I will post in more detail about it soon.