South Side St. Patrick's Parade


Last weekend we went down to the South Side Irish Parade.  Beginning at 101st and Western, this is the parade to be at in Chicago.  I can't say I have necessarily watched the parade in years, but the general mayhem of Beverly and the surrounding area is always a great way to spend a Sunday.


John has been a member of a south side home-brewing club for a few years now.  Each year we are invited to a small gathering of home-brewers to celebrate the day.  The members bring various home-brewed beers, wines, meads, and spirits to be consumed whilst eating an array of delicious food.

In addition, during the festivities the club brews gallons upon gallons of a beer for the party the following year, generally some kind of complex stout aged in bourbon barrels. (You can see a bit of their set up for brewing on the right side of the photo above.)


Here malt is being incorporated into the process.

My parents made it out to meet us after an arduous hike up Western from my cousin Jason's house and enjoyed a drink or two with some of us later in the evening.  One of the last things we tasted was a lovely almond champagne with a perfect mellow sweetness.  Amazing.


I hope you all had a lovely St. Patrick's Day.  Cheers!