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This morning for breakfast I made souffles with sauteed pears for Molly, John, and I.

I used this recipe from Epicurious and followed it fairly exactly. I had never made a souffle before and I have to admit I was always super intimidated by the prospect. These 'puffed' up nicely. They may have been a little over-cooked (as they would not budge from their containers after baking, so I served them from their cups), but I don't think this affected the taste.

They were fairly sweet and would do well as a dessert because of this. Overall I sometimes find souffles a little too dry, so eating the pears with the souffle was a nice match in texture.

Now that I have had success with my first souffle experience, I look forward to playing around with different recipes and modifications. I will have to buy myself a large souffle pan and try my hand at the large and decadent variety. Though, I suppose it would be good to hold off on that just a bit and perfect my skills on the smaller scale.