SHF #9: Pear and Almond Frangipane Tart


The topic for the ninth edition of Sugar High Fridays, one of the many excellent food blogging events, was Tantalizing Titillating Tempting Tarts.  I am quite the tart fan and I decided to take this opportunity to learn to make something new.  I decided on a pear and almond frangipane tart.  I based the recipe primarily on this recipe, though I made some notable changes.  I used almonds in place of the hazelnuts because they were more readily available here.  I also substituted canned pears at the suggestion of another pear tart recipe.  This worked well, though you must be sure to properly dry the pear halves before use. Lastly, per the suggestion of other cooks in the comment section, I cut the almond flavoring in half.


This was a very tantalizing, titillating, and tempting tart and it was incredibly easy to make.  It is also a fairly healthy tart (except the butter and sugar. . .), but with only two eggs, almonds, and pears you fare pretty well.  The hardest part was cutting the pears and keeping them nicely arranged while transferring to the tart.  I used a a flat cake knife to slide under the pears once I had fanned them and was ready to move them.  Having an extra pear half or two on hand is a good idea.


This was a great theme.  To find out what the next topic for this event and others will be, visit the Is My Blog Burning website.