RIP: Canon Powershot s45


(me circa 2003)

Some asshole mugged me last night and made off with, among other things, my treasured digital camera.  Our time together was short (a gift from my family this past winter), but I became quite attached.  I was finally starting to get the hang of all this macro-food-photo business too.  I am fortunate to be fine with only a few cuts and bruises, it could have been a lot worse. 

I have a few pictures for you from Waupaca that I will put up soon, but the asshole made off with most of them still in the camera.  For the moment Part-Time Pro Bono Baker will be on hiatus with less frequent posting.  I will probably be able to borrow a friend's camera here and there, but I certainly can't afford to buy myself a new one at the moment.

If someone from say, Canon, Minolta, Olympus, Sony, Nikon, etc. is reading this and would like to donate a digital camera to the Pro Bono Baker cause, feel free to email me at (you can also send me Paypal donations to this address if you feel so inclined) and I will be sure to advertise like mad for you.

Short of that I will have to consider this an "opportunity" to upgrade my camera.  Now that I have learned a bit about digital cameras, I find that perhaps a camera with better macro capabilities or the possibility to change the lenses would be pretty awesome.  It will be quite a long time before my broke self is able to afford another camera, but I will cross my fingers that it will be before John and I leave on our trip.

In the mean time, I would be quite happy to hear recommendations from other food bloggers and my readers in general as to what camera I should buy next.  As I said, I am not exactly rolling in cash, so the price would have to be a few hundred dollars or less.  Please let me know what you would suggest, I would be grateful for the advice.

People can be pretty lousy, huh?