Pro Bono Baker turns 1!


One year ago I published my first post on Pro Bono Baker. While attempting to make naan and searching for recipes, I stumbled across Alberto's site, Il Forno. Never before had I found such a site, but I immediately knew I would enjoy such an endeavor of my own.

I began on Blogger, but soon moved over to Typepad where I have been happily posting from since.

A lot has happened in this past year. When I began I was living with three lovely roommates and the world's greatest dog in Chicago, working at a law firm in a fairly undemanding job, and yearning to do something different. Lo and behold I am now in Tallinn, Estonia (though I will be in St. Petersburg when this is published), traveling from London to Beijing with my boyfriend John. I sure found my change.

I have no idea what my plans will be when I return to Chicago in February. I will be looking for work, a place to live, and I will be trying to decide what to go back to school for. Will it be law school, the San Francisco Baking Institute, or something far away from either. . .? Perhaps I will be able to answer that question by the time this blog's 2nd birthday rolls around, but for now I will leave you simply with the promise to post more after the completion of this long and wonderful journey.

Thank you to everyone who has made me feel at home in this unmatched community of food lovers, to everyone who has commented on my site, to everyone who has quietly passed through its doors, and to all those who will in the future. This is a fun past-time, but even more so when you know others are sharing it with you.

(The photo above was taken at Balthasar in Tallinn, Estonia-- A restaurant devoted to garlic! It was pretty expensive for our dwindling pockets, but we did enjoy some --gasp-- garlic ice cream! It was very good and has reinstilled my desire for my own ice-cream maker. We also tasted some delicous house-infused garlic vodka.)