Pistachio Browned Butter Crisps


Last night while making Cauliflower and Broccoli Flan with Spinach Béchamel for dinner, I accidentally added twice the amount of flour to the melted butter in the first stage of the béchamel sauce.  I certainly didn't want to waste nearly a stick of butter so I quickly transferred it to a container before starting the sauce over.  Incidentally, the flan turned out lovely and I highly recommend this rich dish if you find yourself with an excess of cauliflower and broccoli in the future.

This morning I still wasn't sure what would become of the clotted, buttery mess in the refrigerator.  Cookies seemed like a desirable option and I set out to find a recipe.  Thanks to the Domestic Goddess and Il Forno, food bloggers now have an extensive resource for finding the perfect cookie to bake up. Each of the above links will lead you to a portion of the SHF/IMBB Holiday Cookie Swap write-ups.

While perusing the list I noticed the Baking Beast's Browned Butter Crisps.  This simple and flavorful recipe immediately drew me in.

I wasn't sure how my flour and butter mess was going to fare, but I gently heated it in a saucepan until it began to brown and to my surprise, it incorporated into the other ingredients quite well.  I pushed a pistachio into the tops of each cookie before baking to make them a bit more attractive. 

These cookies turned out excellent and filled the house with the luscious smell of cinnamon and cardamom.  I dropped a few cardamom seeds into my tea and enjoyed a freshly baked sample.  Delicious.  Thank you for the recipe Emily!