onion tart


Orangette's piece on onion tarts had been making my mouth water for weeks.  Last night I was finally able to try my hand at the lovely creation.  Mine did not turn out as well, nor are my pictures as beautiful, but it made a fantastic dinner for my housemates and I look forward to trying my hand at it again in the future.


I did make 2 changes.  First, I used puff pastry because time was short (well, I must admit mainly because I have pate brisee envy and I knew I couldn't compete with Orangette's perfect crust.)  Second, I put a layer of dijon mustard on the bottom of the unbaked pastry shell before I added the onion/cream/egg mixture.  I had read about this suggestion on several French cooking sites and I decided to try it out.  I think it added a wonderful, yet very subtle flavor.  On a side note, I found that my tart baked for 35 min. in a 375F oven.