More Exciting News


I ordered a new camera last week and it has arrived!  It was shipped to my parent's house so I will not get my hands on before this Saturday --but soon, soon dear friends, I will once again bring regular posting and pictures of food to all those who graciously allow me to bend their ear, so to speak.

I originally had a Canon Powershot S45 and after hemming and hawing over what to replace it with I realized I was at a point where I really, really wanted and could learn a lot from a camera in the upper echelon, but in reality I'm still just a recent college graduate who is quitting her job to run around the world soon and I have no business having (or resources to obtain) something so nice and expensive at this point. 

I decided to get the newer model of the Canon Powershot, the S70.  The reviews I read were good and comparable to those of other cameras in the same price bracket and I had the added benefit of finding a very good deal on one.  I would like to thank all of you for your kind words when I was feeling really bummed, for your advice on cameras, and your patience during this unplanned hiatus!  I would especially like to thank Melissa of cookingdiva and the Panama Gourmet for being so unfathomably sweet to me.

The picture above was taken in Central Park when I visited New York in June.  I love this picture.  If I had caught this scene a split-second earlier it would have more fully captured the little girl's energy and shown her in mid-air, though it still has some sweet and sunny innocence that I was lucky to snap at a great moment.

I didn't feel it was appropriate to post a full account of my trip to New York when I returned due to it being more autobiographically oriented rather than food oriented, but I have had such an itch to post recently I have been doing so on a separate site.  If you would like to read about the trip, I have begun posting accounts of each day with a small smattering of restaurant critiques.  I only have the first two days up at the moment, but I will post the remainder as time allows.

Take care all and I will be back in full swing shortly (and have more free time briefly after I quit my job this Friday and before packing gets really rushed)!