Near the end of August I traveled to Trenton, Maine to join my friends Molly and Stefan on their wedding day. We all met in Portland, Oregon where we attended Reed College. The long weekend was filled with many familiar faces from those days.  Old friends traveled from all corners of the country and the globe to join the celebration, and it was truly one of the most beautiful I have attended.

Backyard Backyard2

Molly grew up in Trenton and the wedding took place in her father's backyard which is quite a sight, especially when the tide rolls out in the evening.


It was my first time visiting Maine.  The trip was brief, just two nights, but my traveling companions and I made the most of it.  We took a surreal, fog-filled cruise on the Margaret Todd and enjoyed some Bar Harbor night-life.


We went for a short hike and took in the incredible air from the shore. (Next time I will plan a trip long enough to really enjoy Acadia National Park).


And of course, we ate a lot of fresh seafood.

Cooler Lobsterarm

Many of us stayed just down the street from the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound and it became a quick favorite that we visited multiple times. 


This family-owned, no frills establishment serves fresh boiled lobster, steamed clams, steamed corn, chowders, stews and pies and I think we wound up sampling just about everything.


Unsurprisingly, the wedding dinner was also incredible.  Late summer salads, plenty of locally brewed beer, and a lobster bake on-site. Enjoying this amazing meal under a light-filled tent on the shore with so many of my favorite people is a memory I will not soon forget.

Molly Dan

Congratulations Molly and Stefan!

(For more Maine photographs, visit my Flickr album.)