Green Tea & Lemon Cookies and Lemon Ginger Drop Cookies


A friend of mine who has seemed a bit down lately in our correspondence will be receiving a package of cookies soon.  Here is what I made him:

Green Tea Shortbread, a recipe from Martha Stewart.  I added some lemon and chamomile tea along with the green tea for a more complex flavor.  I made these cookies around Christmas time for a cookie party.  Most people, while initially skeptical of the green cookies, seemed to enjoy them.  One woman however scowled when she saw them and turned to her friend who was reaching for one to rasp, "Those are from the Martha Stewart website" and rolled her eyes.  Her friend slowly pulled back her hand, though I did see her enjoying one later.  Personally, I think Martha Stewart has some fabulous recipes.  This is one of them.


I also made Lemon Ginger Drop Cookies, also from the Martha Stewart website, thank you.  This was my first pass at these and they ended up quite good.  I used some candied ginger from Trader Joe's and the result was excellent.  They, obviously, didn't spread out flat as the cookies in Martha's picture did, but I don't quite see how they could have.  I think some of her pictures are a bit contrived, so I didn't worry about it.


And the real treat of the evening:  Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler.  John and I went past our garden yesterday and picked some fresh rhubarb. John made this delicious cobbler with some strawberries we had in our house. It was very good.  Sweet, but still with a snappy tartness, just how I like it.


Please feel free to send us any other rhubarb recipes.  There must be something more to do with the stuff than cobblers, pies, and jams.  There is A LOT of rhubarb.  Suggestions would be appreciated.