Gazpacho Andaluz


I'm attending a dinner party this evening and was asked to bring a soup.  While looking at the Saveur website recently, as I often do, I came across this recipe for Gazpacho Andaluz.  After wandering around in the sun in search of sherry vinegar and the perfect country-style bread to thicken the soup I came home and set to it.


The soup turned out quite well.  I am curious if there is any good way to seed a tomato that one of you might know of?  I felt like I was wasting nearly half of each with my method.  Is this just how it is?  In the future I might simply chop the tomatoes and add them, seeds and all, to the food processor and remove them by way of the straining process later in the recipe.  Also, I might add a hint of garlic (ooh, or roasted garlic would be even better if you are serving this in cool months like me) and a small bit of onion to the mixture before processing.  Overall, I am pleased with this recipe and I am greatly anticipating dinner in a few hours!