Food Photography

Since beginning this blog I have learned quite a bit about baking, cooking, and photography.  I still have a long way to go in all three categories, but especially the latter.  A few months ago I combed Google for some food photo advice and I thought I would share some of the sites I culled.

Please feel free to send me links to sites that you have found particularly helpful on the same subject and I will add them to the list to share with others.

An Insider's Look at Food Photography:  Includes information on food styling and tricks such as creating artificial steam.

eGullet-Digital Cameras: A forum on digital cameras where, if you dig, you can find some very helpful advice.

eGullet-Shutterbug: A forum where one can read peer critiques on food photos.

Food Photography Blog: A useful site with some 'tricks of the trade' advice.  However, the author's suggestion that perhaps the reason most photographers are men is due to the fact that the gear is so heavy (!) is less than enlightening.

How to Photography Food: A lengthy article with great pictures and some unique advice.

Kiplog: A quick tutorial on correcting color casts in Photoshop.

Photo Tips: A list of pointers.

Silverlace: Short article.

Tasteful Food Photography: Lovely pictures, a clear and concise article.

Lastly, here are the blogs of my two favorite food photographers.  Hopefully their pictures will provide you with the same inspiration to start cooking, baking, and shooting as they have for me.

101 Cookbooks:  Heidi's photos are gorgeous and plentiful.  This is a great resource for anyone who might need examples of superb and uncluttered food presentation as well as how to frame a shot well.

Nordljus:  These photos are absolutely breathtaking. Keiko is clearly both a master chef and photographer.  Certainly the best food photos I have yet to see.