Exciting News


Exciting News!

I have officially given notice at my job and I will be leaving my place of employment in a matter of weeks.  Shortly thereafter John and I will be boarding a plane to London and setting out on six months of traveling. (The impetus for all of this is a result of our landlord selling our apartment to a mean guy who wants us out by the 1st. . . )

It will be hard to say goodbye to so much, but I am greatly looking forward to this opportunity.  The general plan is to see a portion of Western Europe in a timely fashion (so as to avoid spending as much money as possible) and head to Poland where we will hopefully be staying for about a month, then on to the Baltics and eventually to St. Petersburg.  Finally, if time and money allow, we hope to take the Trans-Siberian from Moscow to Beijing.  We will be flying out of Beijing, but if time (and again, money) allows we hope to visit Vietnam or Malaysia first.

We hope to be doing all of this as cheaply as possible.  We have some things set up, but if anyone would like to give us advice (we are going to remain fairly flexible for the entire trip, so advice on almost any location would be helpful) on where to stay in a particular city, offer us a place to stay, offer to let us use your internet connection for an afternoon, show us around, tell us where to find some not-to-miss cheap food, or give us advice on what you would encourage a guest to see or do in your town we would be grateful.  Feel free to post as a comment if you think others might find your advice useful as well or email me at probonobaker@gmail.com .

While we are traveling I am hoping to be able to continue posting regularly.  We still have about a month here in Chicago, so hopefully I will get a camera soon and I can quit these mainly autobiographical posts and get back to what we all really want:  pictures and descriptions of food!