Blueberry Stout Mustard

P8040047_5Nick and I are embarking on vacation.  We are taking the Empire Builder from Chicago to Portland, Oregon where we will meet up with my family for my  Matt and Anastasia's wedding. From there we will travel to Mt. Rainier, the San Juan Islands, and Seattle.

I leave you with this quick recipe for blueberry stout mustard.  Nick and I made a batch to take with us on the train. Blueberry Stout Mustard Ingredients

.25 C dry mustard powder .25 C coarsely ground mustard seed .25 C cold water .25 blueberry stout (a regular stout will work just fine) .5 Tbl light brown sugar .25 tsp salt


Combine the water, mustard powder and seeds in a small saucepan to make a paste. Slowly add the stout. Simmer over very low heat, stirring constantly, for about 15 minutes.  The mixture will thicken. Stir in the sugar and salt and continue stirring and simmering for 5 more minutes.

See you in two weeks!