Blackberry Tarts

Blackberry Tarts
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I received the Martha Stewart book that I had purchased, Pies & Tarts, on Friday and I decided to bake something out of it today.

I followed her pate brisee recipe to make the tart crust. I then took components from a few recipes to make a glaze and a cream filling.

I have made a number of pies and tarts and this crust turned out the best thus far. It was lovely, golden, and flakey.

I baked the tart shells first. I removed them from their rings, glazed them, and let them cool. I then added the cream filling, the blackberries, and finally glazed the berries.

I just finished eating mine (I am giving the other to my roommate who is here this weekend, our other roommates are out of town). This has been my most successful crust experience, which is fantastic. Other than the crust the tarts were delightful, but a little too sweet to finish. I think next time I might try to blend some lemon zest into the cream and use an orange marmalade jelly to make the glaze (I used redcurrent this time). Perhaps this will balance the flavors a bit better and cut the sweet and heavy tastes slightly.

Thank you for the few sweet comments I have received. I appreciate the encouragement!