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I made baguettes tonight. I tripled the recipe and made two loaves while reserving one third to refridgerate. I used the baguette recipe (with some minor modificiations) from Ultimate Bread by Eric Treuille & Ursula Ferrigno.

They turned out well. I put a pan of water under the bread pan in the oven to provide moisture and I also threw a 1/2 oz. of water onto the bottom of the oven 4x during the last five minutes. They turned out to have a nice, crisp, golden crust and a light and wonderfully textured interior.

Unfortunately the loaves did not look as beautiful as some others I have seen, but I will work on the cosmetic quality.

I served the breads with three variations of brie which obviously went perfectly with warm bread.

Overall, it was successful (I had made baguettes before with little success) though there is clearly room for substantial improvement