Apricot Tequila

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The Matchbox is one of my favorite Chicago bars. The slight space is aptly named and the drinks are expertly crafted by a no-nonsense staff. Many of their best concoctions use house-infused liquors.  You can't go wrong with their Knob Creek Manhattans garnished with brandy soaked dark cherries or their ginger vodka gimlets.

Over a few years worth of visits, I thought I had effectively covered their offerings. Yet one evening I noticed a jar full of soaking apricots.  My companions and I each ordered a shot of this apricot infused tequila and I instantly fell in love.  While I order the occasional margarita and I enjoy quality tequilas on their own, I never really considered it to be a terribly versatile liquor.

Adding to my list of home infusions, I recently threw together my own bottle to take to a party.  Apricot tequila is excellent on its own; shaken with some ice and strained into a shot glass.  It would also be a great replacement for regular tequila in a variety of cocktails. 

Apricot Infused Tequila


1/2 liter decent tequila (I used Sauza Hornitos, but you could definitely use something cheaper)
10 ounces dried apricots


In a 1 liter glass jar, combine the tequila and the apricots. Let them infuse for about two days.  Give the bottle an occasional swirl.

Simple! This recipe will make about 15 two-ounce shots.  The resulting fruit is delicious, but extremely powerful.  When my tequila was gone, I reserved most of the fruit and stuck it in my freezer.  I plan to blend it with some ice and lime juice this summer for a refreshing cocktail.