Porch Beer

It is sweltering in Illinois as I write this. I glanced at the weather report before I biked to work this morning, and to my dismay saw that it would feel like 112 F outside. And, it did. Look out east coast, this heat wave is coming for you. I'd recommend that you stock a few ingredients in your home in preparation. This is my favorite way to keep cool on these hot, hot summer nights.

Porch Beer


12 oz. lager beer (I use Tecate)
1 lime Kosher flake salt
4 large ice cubes


Cut the lime into quarters and run one of the wedges around the rim of a 20 oz pint glass. Pour a tablespoon of salt into a flat dish and coat the glass rim.  Add four large ice cubes to the glass, squeeze in the lime juice, and add the lime quarters. Top with beer.